The one where Courteney Cox tweeted me

Yup. Me ‘n Courteney are BFFs now.

I always kind of laugh when people ask celebrities on Twitter for @ mentions/retweet. When I tweeted her to say that I am excited for Season 3 of CougarTown, I didn’t expect a mention or a response. I just said what I was thinking when she tweeted a great picture of the cast.

It’s so silly, but I am totally excited to have been tweeted by a celebrity. You won’t find me asking for @ mentions, nor will you find me asking celebrities to retweet me…but I will still interact with them.  And good on them for interacting with their fans!

Getting tweeted by @CourteneyCox is way cooler than being followed by @JustinBieber. #truth

P.S. I am really being followed by @JustinBieber.