Best Valentine’s Day Ever

So, this past weekend, Dan asked what my schedule was like on Tuesday (Valentine’s Day). I had a number of meetings scheduled but told him when I was free, and eventually he he asked if I could be at my desk at 11:30 and that I should bring our camera. Ok, I could do that.

I really had no idea what was planned. At 11:30, my phone rang (there is no receptionist on my floor, just a phone and contact list for people when they need to see someone). I answered and a lady said that she had a delivery for me, so I went to go open the door. Nobody was there, but then I saw a blue head poke around the corner from the elevator. Yup, a blue head.

It was Ace, the Toronto Blue Jays mascot! And he had blue roses for me. I was a bit flustered, didn’t really know what to think. I asked him to hang on so I could go get the camera, and the. He followed me into my office! Then he posed for a picture.


It was such a nice surprise! He made my day for sure, and I know that people in the office got a kick out of it too. I definitely have the most thoughtful husband evah!!

We did have volleyball tonight, so we didn’t do a special dinner or anything, though we are taking tomorrow off to head to the zoo and then for dinner at Wildfire Steakhouse.

How did you spend your Valentine’s Day?